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Why the Web is not Work

E-commerce is not simply a matter of creating a website and everybody can view on internet. It is better to think of the website as the image of the organization, If you want to achieve business groth through your website you should consider the following facts.

1. Content provided in a website

content providing in a website
Many websites still lack language support. Presenting a product for sale by providing only size and price is insufficient. The customer needs details of materials, usability and other additional information, especially product return policy. Some websites may be concerned with a returning problem and do not provide information for this, whilst others provide too much information and this creates a waste of time to open a page.

2. Lack of a skilled webmaster

Providing incomplete information means the customer may sometimes contact the website asking for more details. But website owners do not check this or reply late. Your website must be and respond promptly to customers' queries.
Lack of a skilled webmaster

3. No plan for marketing strategy

no plan for marketing strategy
Your website should seem as if it is your shop on the internet. There are thousands of new websites online everyday and if you do not have a plan to promote or advertising your website to a target group, then it will be difficult for your business to be a success.

4. No new promotions released

How does your customer feel when they look at your website and there is nothing new or changing. Nobody is taking care of the website. The same promotions and prices or even worse, the promotion has expired. You must not ignore your website, you must have someone paying attention to your customers, follow website statistics and always developing and updating your website.
no new promotions released

5. Too many graphic

Too much graphic used
If you are someone who loves graphic technology and want to put that colorful exciting animation and sound to your website, please consider how long the graphics take to load. If a page takes too long to load then your customers will go to another site.

6. Realistic target expectation

The internet is the biggest market place in the world. Some merchants hope to sell their product around the world but, in real life, each product is limited by language, function, price, etc. It is important you consider your target group and focus your website so that it is attractive to your target market. Casting a large net is not always the best way of obtaining the most sales.

7. Designing

A commerce website design should be easy-to-use by not need a manual. Products should be easy to identify and pay for. Some websites have many steps till the last process. Too many steps can make your customer feel bored and your site difficult to use.

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