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Type of Website

To use a website to its maximum efficiency it is necessary to have a general knowledge of website structure and to understand the different type of website you will see on the internet. We can divided websites into 8 main types as shown below:

1. Portal Site

This could be called “a website of variety” meaning it is a website that offers many services including a search engine, a centre for website groups, topics, stories, entertainment, movies, music, horoscope, travel, IT, games, health, etc.

2. News Site

This kind of website is made by news organizations or mass media that have their own channels such as TV stations, Radio stations, magazines, journals or even a ministry or government bureau where people can search for up to date news.

3. Information Site

This type of website provides information research or interesting facts. Many organizations' websites provide a lot of information for people to learn about their organization.

4. Business/Marketing Site

This type of site is made by a business organization for the purpose of public relations and to increase profit. Most of the content will be the sale offer, with further details and interesting information about the product or service.

5. Educational Site

This type of site is created by educational institutes, a government or an individual who wish to publish their knowledge and policies for students. It can be an official or unofficial educational site for learning online, otherwise known as E-Learning.

6. Entertainment Site

The type of website provides entertainment, such as music, movies, TV programmes, sport, games, love stories, poems, cartoon comics, and other amusements including mobile phone downloading apps.

7. Non-profit Organization Site

This type of website aims to build and help a non-profit society or charity. These organizations are associations, clubs, foundations and projects with the purpose of providing good to the community such as protecting the environment, human rights, no smoking campaigns, etc.

8. Personal Site

This type of website can be created by an individual or family for various purpose such as introducing oneself, a friend's group, photos, comments, a daily diary or just relating one's own experiences and interests.
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