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Increase visitors in for your website

The smart tips for getting more visitors

In a digital age no matter what you are doing a business small, medium and maximum size if you have your business’s website it will be a better chance for marketing. But only a website doesn’t guarantee that the visitors will get into your site you have to promote your website as well. These following tips could help you to promote the website and when how many people visit to your website this also means your profit has increased to that amount.

Search Engine Submission (ses)

This method is you submit your website to search engines know and monitor your site. The most well-known search engines for example, Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other like ask.com or jayday.com
Search Engine Submission
Google Submit: go to link http://www.google.com/addurl/ then add in your URL and put your website’s description or keyword.

Yahoo Submit: go to link https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submit here Yahoo will ask you for submit both of website submit and Feed. To submit a feed click right on your mouse and select copy shortcut then paste it on URL Feed field, for blog it already has a Feed then you do nothing with it for a website.

Msn Submit: go to link http://beta.search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx then add in your URL and put your website’s description or keyword.
Don’t forget to submit your website to the other search engines Because it could increase traffics into your website.

Major Directory Submission

This is a submitting in Directories such as, Dmoz and Yahoo. Try to add your website in Dmoz directory because Google also refer data from Dmoz database mainly. Also Dmoz employ human staffs for monitoring so this has more reliability than general directories.

Paid and Free Directories Submission

Submission for directories has both free and cost services which separated by:

Regular Link Free but not guarantee whether your site is accepted in a system or not.

Regular Link with Reciprocal Free but have to exchange link each other, more chance added in a system.

Featured Link must pay and accepted in a System for a long period.

Significantly if the directory you are inside has a high page rank value will be good to your site.
Paid and Free Directories Submission


This mean you place your signature which contained your name, company’s name, contact, company’s slogan and link to your website in the others or in website that your leave a comment with your signature. If your comment is interesting for sure the traffics will follow to your site.

Link Exchange

Link Exchange
To exchange the link with the other for example, exchange with your friend especially if they have a high page rank value will be advantage for your site. Recommending website for link exchanges for free such as, www.linkmetro.com and www.linkmarket.net could be benefit you site.

Back Link for Sell

This way is suggested for a website involve with a high financial circulation, buy one way link from a website that has a high page rank and match with content you have in your website as well. This will help you much increasing more chance to be on a top ranking for searching those keywords.

Content is king

It’s very important to make an interesting story contained with a good content, you have to think about this firstly when you are managing a website. For example, if your website makes profit by online financial service then you should try to write good articles about online money tips for your visitors to your website, they can also get a knowledgeable learning. Recommending some useful websites related to your website for them if some websites have content similar to your website after they read the articles and see the article could be useful to their website then it possible they will take your link to their site. This you can get One way link by without pay.
Link Exchange

Articles Submission

This is a type of article submission from a providing website. But you need to compose the article by yourself and should be a good and useful content. If you have a good article and try to submit it in many websites, for sure there will be more visitors to your website, you can try that from www.digg.com

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click
It is the way of paying when there’s a click from user. Its advantage is good for specifying the target group in that field. For example, if your website is for selling a craft so you can use a service of Pay Per Click by registering with Google. This mean “Google Adwords” When there’s searching of “craft” your website will be appeared on The right side of page at Sponsor link. You will pay ads fee to Google when user click to see your website link.

Email Marketing

Promote through email is to send email to invite people visit to your website but should not be a spam. You should tell and show what is interesting in your website, what they will get after they go into your website. we don’t recommend you to use this email marketing otherwise your website may be banned from Google, we recommend for a website that doing for Affiliate Program.

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