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Manage your website to get the most profit

Today a lot of new websites are building everyday and if you have your own website, is your website are well managed and control or not? Let see how to manage your website to have more growing successfully , what we should avoid and what is the ways to manage your website to get the most profit.

Yes Avoiding to design a website as you want or the website's owner want too much

Have you ever had a not found info experience from the website? Or sometimes the information you are looking for is too deep and hard to found, too much steps to get what you want to see and sometimes you may see the some companies page since the first page. The cause of why these styles of websites are not attractive by a user is the website is designed as the website's owner or that organization want too much, they forget something the most important for website purpose that the user in a website is your customers or some people on the internet, it's not only you use it. So the properly website designing is you should learn from your customer's need in a website what they need indeed, do not guess or do it by your sole thinking

Yes Who is a user in your website

Who is a user in your website
many websites are designed for Thai people use but menu and language in a website still most in English. Fortunately some users understand English but how about the rest who have a problem with it and possible not a little amount of them. Thus you must know where exactly the target area you expect to offer and configure the language proper to the user, should not determine it by yourself only.

Yes Do not present everything on your first page

Perhaps you may afraid that your customer will not see information inside a website then some of website's owner put everything they have on the first page. The result of that page overview is seem tightly content and too much longer of the page. If you bring everything into a home page your customer may confuse with a huge of information that you try to show them to the customer's eyes. So you should divide these types of information into groups as category, old or new, interesting information and easy to access. Such as, one of the best way for helping user found what they want to get from search engine in a website easier.

Yes Wrong and not-update information

A lot of websites on the internet are still providing a wrong information, not update or so long time ago of information. Even your website has a frequent change of information you have to give the most importance to a correctness and updating website. Example, e-commerce website (particularly the gold and computer accessory price rates). For sure your website need webmaster that always update and also verify it before it is online in a website.

Yes Changing the website format all the time

It possible that some website' s owner is the artist and always love to change the form of website monthly. If just only change the appearance, picture or some information it still has no a problem but to change the website format of its use, layout and any button or menu can make the user confuse with using. However, the website should not be change frequently and the appropriate of changing chance should be 1 – 2 years after.

Yes Not reply back to your customer

If the customer want to contact you through a website, web board and email. unfortunately, if the email they sent in has nobody take care or response back, then why they must waste a time for waiting the question or order? Another contact via web board open widely customer to communicate each other but if you don't take care your customer then your website will lose trust and not really impressive to them also. You should take care with the contacts from customer first and if you have staff for do this especially will be the best.

Yes Pay less attention to the website

sometimes you may think that the other media has more important than online media so that you forget this channel. Actually, website is the fastest connecting to the people and also the customer access to your website. They could see more information than the other media in deep so when you launch your product or service you should use this advantage of website to support and encourage your sale and other media in the same time.

Yes Ignore Expired Domain & Hosting date

The domain name and hosting will be expired as in the contract yearly or more, if you forget the date of its expire after your website will can not access anymore. Maybe the domain name will be taken by someone or all information in a website were deleted because of you are not keep in touch to manage the website. Don't forget to memorize the date of domain and hosting expired and always take care your website and response to the customer in the same time.

Yes A deserted website … no one look after

This is the worst reason for a some websites that were made but there's no one look after it even not update anything new inside the content. Some people think there's no need for changing any information, but they are wrong it's very important and also the worst memory is you forget that you have your own website!.

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