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How to register Google Adsense?

Google Adsense
From the article what is Google Adsense? Then you know what is it, so now we will talking about how to register it.

Looking for link Sign up now >> and field all information as Google criteria. Then wait for Google response which around a couple of days for verifying data.

All the information needed for registration

Website URL: [?] enter your website such as, www.bcoms.net
Website language: select language English
Account type: [?] select a type of your website whether a personal or business.
Country or territory: select your country
Payee name (full name): enter the name of collector

** Notice: you can not change the name of collector and country after you have registered, so you must verify it carefully

Address line 1: , Address line 2 (optional):
State, province or region:
Zip or postal code:
Phone: Example, 076 36 77 66, so you enter like this 66 76 36 77 66 or
01-555 9999 to 661 555 9999
Fax (optional):
Email preference: We recommend to select (if you select this field Google will send you an update information
and tips)
Product(s): [?] We recommend to select both AdSense for Content and AdSense for Search
Policies We recommend to select all, this is an agreement with Google such as,
you will not click on advertising banner in your website or ask someone to click it or
not making advertising in the pornographic or obscene website.
Email address:
Password: minimum 7 characters or more
Re-enter password:

** Notice: your information must be English only.

When you finish filling all fields click at Submit Information and after you check in your email that you registered for confirming the process. After you confirm it for a few days you will receive an email from Google. If your registering is proved then you read how to take the code inside your website.
Prohibited website list from Google

violate and against to person, group or organizationviolate and against to person, group or organization
Hacking Hacking
Spam Keyword Spam Keyword
The website that contain an advertising content only The website that contain an advertising content only
Illegal and piracy contents Illegal and piracy contents
Stimulate the third party seeking for profitStimulate the third party seeking for profit
Weapons of war Weapons of war
Sell an alcohol or hard drinkingSell an alcohol or hard drinking
Cigarettes Cigarettes
Counterfeiting Counterfeiting
Fraud, deceived, cheat and cozen website Fraud, deceived, cheat and cozen website
Pornographic or obscene website Pornographic or obscene website

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