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How does a search engine work?

Search Engines - How they work

When you have a website you must advertise it in order for people to find it. If you do nothing with your website then it will be like a book that has never been read. It is called a “freezing website” If you create a website but then ignore its marketing and public relations, it will be useless because no one will find it. There is a lot of marketing planning to do, but before we do this, we should understand how search engines work and the function of browsers for searching websites.

Working with Search Engines

1. Submit your website to international search engines
The most popular searching tool to promote your website is like a well-informed person guiding the internet explorer to visit websites through different search engines such as Yahoo!, Altavista, Google, Bing, go, excite, lycos, powersearch, earthfine, etc. (Search engines work as huge website directories where the user can search for a website by category or keyword)
Submit your website to international search engines
2. Submit your website in the local directory website and search engines
Many websites in each country have their own local language used in websites specific for their visitor group. So You should submit your website through search engines in your country. You should also submit the details of your website to any other local website directories.

Search engine working - Three factors govern search engines

Let have a look at it's working for searching websites, it's divided into 3 factors below:
Search Engine - The website tool that automatically searches for websites and collects data in its database, such as Google.com and Altavista.com. This tool is called a “Search Robot” , which works by seeking data from website pages and indexing the data on its own database. When we search for something in search engines, the result of the search will come from one of these robots.
Web Directory
Web Directory - This kind of website uses data submitted by humans and adds it to the database. It does not use a robot to find data. You will need to submit the details of your website manually to these types of web directories and continue to collect data for sites such as Yahoo.com and Dmoz.org
Meta Engine – This kind of Engine will search for websites from other search engines. The meta crawler will take a searching keyword and look at other website directories and then show the combined results. Such as, Metacrawler.com, Go2net.com and Thaifind.com.

Searching information method

Searching for information is not difficult, if you use the correct technique. Usually, you just enter the word or phrase you want to search for and click to get results. If however, you enter various keywords such as Bronze Sculpture Thailand, you may sometimes get an unrelated website. Each search engine has advanced searching tools which can help users get the information they want, see how to use these tools below.

AND is a function to search results containing two keywords. e.g. Enter Hosting AND Phuket and the system will search for websites that contain the words Hosting and Phuket on the same page. Alternatively, you can search using different phrases such as, Hosting Phuket, "Hosting Phuket", Hosting + Phuket or Hosting & Phuket.
The most popular phraseis in the form of Hosting + Phuket

OR is a function to search for either a word or both words such as, Hosting OR Phuket. The system will search for a page that contains Hosting or Phuket. Usually a default for all search engines will be OR, or you can search for Hosting Phuket as well.
The most popular phrase using is in the form of Hosting Phuket

NOT is a function to find the website that specifically excludes sites after the word NOT such as, Hosting NOT Phuket. This search function will searching for Hosting but not show any pages containing Phuket. You can also search in a different form such as Hosting – Phuket.
The most popular phrase is in the form of Hosting - Phuket

If you apply these techniques to your searching you will get more matched websites in a shorter time.

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