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What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense

It's the service from Google that provide for website's owner make money from submitting the code received from registering Google member by paste that code into your website. This code is a advertising banner that was sent from Google and this advertising will be matched to your website automatically. Example, if your website is related to tourism then the advertising sent from Google may be related to Hotel or airline. Google ads could be a format of text, pictures and various size to select. In addition to, you can also select the color as your wish in order to fit with your website.
Google Adsense

Where are these ads come from? Many people may want to know more about Google Adswords, this is one of the service provided from Google that offer traders promote their products through Google Search Engine. Also the other website that submit Google Ads in website on a noticeable position (when searching in Google) more than the other searching results.

When the money come from Google Adsense?

  • รายได้จาก Google AdSense จะเกิดตอนไหน?
    Case 1 Pay Per Click

    when your website's visitor click on Google Adsensce's advertising banner, each of clicking times has a different result depends on how much Google Adswords pay for Google. More pay more received.

  • รายได้จาก Google AdSense จะเกิดตอนไหน?
    Case 2 Pay Per Impression

    This case it pay when the advertising banner were showed for 1,000 timesby without counting the number of clicking on its banner, your income is not come from clicking.


Apart from advertising

Google recommendations including Firefox, AdsSense for search, Adsense, Google AdWords, Google Apps, Google Checkout. When there's someone register to use these Google's services you will also earn this income from recommendation. The details of these income from Google are followed.

Google AdSense

Google AdSenseFirefox

You will get $1 when Firefox is downloaded from your website, but those download user must have never installed Firefox software before.

Google AdSenseAdSense for search

You will get money when there's a user search in Google search box and click at advertising which result from that result (a website placed on sponsored position). How much income you will get depend on a keyword that user search.

Google AdSenseGoogle AdSense

Google AdSense Get $5 when there someone register Google Adsense through your Referral and get $5 within 180 days after.
Google AdSense Get $250 if within 180 days a user who register Google Adsense through your Referral reach to $100. By this user have to enter a PIN then after you will get that income.
Google AdSense Get $2,000 if the number of 25 users registered through your site reach to or over $100 within 180 days, you can also get bonus more. (one time bonus per year)

Google AdSenseGoogle AdWords

Google AdSense Get $5 if there's a user register to advertise with Google Adwords through your Referral and already paid for a service charge $5.
Google AdSense Get $40 when the user who registered to advertise with Google Adwords use advertising service amd already paid for a service charge $100 within 90 days
Google AdSense Get $600 if the number of 25 users who registered through your site by using a service of Google Adwords no matter who already paid more than $100 within 90 days, you will get bonus more (one time bonus per year)

Google AdSenseGoogle Apps

The system is proper for business organization, School and University which members can use features such as, email, chatting via instant messaging and Calendar that everyone can share opinions inside their groups. All the features are provided by Google you don't have to prepare for the software, maintenance and updating.

you will get $5 from clicking advertising Google Apps through your website and successfully registering. However, if someone who interested but not yet registered, the system will keep on record of advertising clicking till for 4 weeks. This mean they might register after and you still get that income.

Google AdSenseGoogle Checkout

The system is a shopping system, offered comfortable, secured and fast processing. With Google Checkout you can order and pay throughout verify the order. Ordering or paying by themselves on a website you will get $1If there's a user register Google Checkout accounts from your website's recommendation and order any product within 90 days and all of them are successfully paid for more than $10 before included VAT and delivery within 7 days.

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