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What different between Website,

Web page and Home page?

Many people may not understand or are confused with the words website, web page and home page which they have the meaning in different ways. Below is a picture and description that can explain these terms. You can see the order of each word more clearly.

web site , web page , home page ต่างกันยังไง

Home page

It is a first page when you open to a website, for example when we type www.th.easyhostdomain.com and click the page will always show “index” similar to a content of web page

Web page

It is The document folder and data, the system run as in a format of html. Simply example is the page you are looking at now, this page is connected to folder by Hyper link as it’s showing on a figure above.

Web site

It means that all the web pages together in one site. Sometimes we can also call it a domain name e.g. www.th.easyhostdomain.com

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