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What is CMS


CMS is abbreviated from Content Management System, the Website Builder and management system. using CMS users can create a website do not need to have the knowledge about programming. The CMS has free applications come with the software and you can apply that to your website features such as, webboard, advertising management system, statistics even shopping cart. And much more.

CMS is a program that has been developed from the computer languages used in websites such as PHP, Python, ASP and JSP. Fortunately, there is someone develop it for free use like Mambo, Joomla, Wordpress.
Web Hosting CMS Comparision Web Hosting
1. User can have own website by do not need to have the knowledge about website programming just know how to type a text and posted it on any website.
1. In a case user want to design theme by themselves it need more advanced skill because the beginner can has a trouble with the collaborated system in a website.
2. Save more time and money to develop a website
2. User have learn CMS system from its developed usage, but to understand this take a little bit in the first period, i.e. which field you have to enter a message or how to insert an image inside.
3. simply control and manage a website because it has already the system supported using.
3. In an actual usage you can meet with a complicated setting up in a first time in server. But now there're a lot of web servers provide and set up CMS for free without extra fee.
4. Additional features can be added more i.g. Gallery system.
5. simply change website theme just download from its CMS system.

Recommended CMS

- Joomla is one of CMS which are popular to used today because the system has an universal content management system. Easy with Customizing a website Joomla is designed to support a modern website designing technology such as, supported Flash or GIF Animation. In additional, you can download template as much as you want. The outstanding for Joomla is Extensions are provided to apply such as, component, module and Plugin either free or pay. Officially Joomla website ishttp://www.joomla.org

- Wordpress is one of CMS which has its unique feature creating a blog particular in a system. easy and comfortable to use that's why it very popular among the website user. Wordpress has a good function for SEO better than CMS even Google Engineer said this CMS is simply to search and easy to store data.

- Mambo is one of CMS which there are many user used in government and general people. So we have more persons to discuss also the system itself is easy to use and always be developed including Thai language support for Thai use whenever they want to learn and use it.

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