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How different between

Web Server and Web Hosting

Web Server

Web ServerWeb Server is the computer that running as a web server provided for customer required with web browser through HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol), it will transfer data to a user who ask for access by text, picture, sound or multimedia. The server is provided 80 ports (HTTP Port) for a user connect via web browser such as, Internet Explorer or FireFox Web Browser And send a required access name as a website address or URL The well known program that is used as a Web server are Apache Web Server and Microsoft IIS. The setting up of programming Installation that enhance more effective
Web Server
Running as a need of administrator are script Reader, database system and user control panel

Web Hositng

Web hosting is rental a disk space for storing your website data and allow users access to your site. It look like you pay for a place that you keep your product in a warehouse.
After you know web hosting meaning then if you wonder that how a web hosting becoming an important business, it first was begun together with internet but most used in a group of organization, university, government and independent entity by connected to a main communicated-providing organization. After the popularity of internet using has a big growing up the business of commercial web hosting was begun. nowadays the internet is one of the most important for the people life that indispensable everyday.

There are 2 types of Web hosting provider that are:

1. Free Web Hosting
This kind of free service you can search from search engines to see their information which there’re a lot of providers offer you in a different type of services.

2. Cost Web Hosting
Nowadays there are many web hosting providers offer more choices as the customer need and suit to user. The choice of service mentioned above can be separated as:


2.1 Dedicated Server is the service of renting an entire web server, it can be compared as you have rented the building not only one shop. for this kind of rental is suitable for a big size of organization.

2.2 Colocation is the service of renting a space Area by the customer bring their own server To locate in the area. This renting has quite High cost and suitable for the organization.

2.3 Shared Hosting is the service of renting a part Or some of disk space in the server by shared And use the space together with other user. This types of service is suitable for a general user because pay less cost than the 2 above services.

Hosting Types: what is its feature running?

Web Hosting Hosting Operation System & Features Web Hosting
LinuxUnix, Linux
This is the most well-known from user and most of user trust on this operation system because of using a simply text script. It’s advanced from DOS running with Software that develop by .asp, .net if you use Windows there are some weak point with allowance access that so complicated.
The Operation system is developed for apply with researching, its features is easy and suit to use with software and business because of it is developed with .php. The cost for running this system is easier to use, cheaper than Windows and its functions can be used multi task in a real time.

So if you want create you website by CMS whether Joomla or WordPress should select Unix, Linux hosting because of those 2 systems use .php. One of the most important thing you should consider that is to analyze whether most of visitors come from inside or outside a country in order to consider transfer speed rate when access to a your website.
Whenever you access to hosting service from somewhere else may curious with some hosting terms such as, DNS, Bandwidth etc. the following list is the meaning of its term.


Is a Domain name system that stored your domain information. Also convert IP address number that difficult to remember into a simply website name.

Bandwidth Bandwidth

Is a data transferred rate given by your hosting provider. You website will be have more or less speed is based on this option. It can be compared with how wide you have a space to drive on street, how more you have a convenience to go.

Storage Storage

Is storing you data and record all input and output processed data and processing in storage device in order to rerun whenever it’s needed.


Is the operation system software that running as a connector between applied hardware and software / computer operation system which is the system control all application inside computer


Is a service provided company for internet “Internet Service Provide” which provide internet connectivity between personal computer to company’s computer network and all over the world e.g. KSC, TRUE and TOT.


Is Disk Operation system developed by IBM which is for PC. DOS will be loaded or read from disk and save in a memory. Then the program will run as a coordinator automatically by text mode used with a command.


Is content management system which manage a content or instant website such as, Worpresss, Joomla, Drupal or mambo.


Is a personal home page and the language code used for developing website is enable to use with HTML language.


Is an active server page, the technology of application development for web page. Advanced by Microsoft the features are its development and application management on server, working as interpreter program that used for convert language from web page that is a format of VBScript and JSCript.

.net .net

Is the international domain that every country can register, but it must be only for network website or network services only.

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