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Choosing Web Hosting suit to your website.

(Part 2)

Choosing Web Hosting suit to your website. (Part 2)
Nowadays the business website is truly started easily with a little investing money or not over a thousand US Dollar. So many of the new businessmen have increased numerously every year. There are more chances for the real entrepreneur, amateur or even student who want to try to make extra money to success in the online business market. From this high competition the owner of shopping website use a lot of strategies for tempting buyer, that’s why you can see the various prices and service qualities offered in a different way.
This article is aimed for everyone who has a plan to grow up the business on a website to learn and keep in mind when you choose the best one of hosting provider for your server. Gaining more information to consider you have to:
1. Test the quality of hosting services by E-mail
You may test via E-mail by asking something about hosting to the support center and see the how long of time they reply you back. If the reply is taken more time (should not over 1 day) then we should not think about this kind of service any more. Or you can send more 5 – 6 questions and see how quick they give a solution and helpful care for customer.

2. Test the quality of hosting services by telephone
If you see any hosting service provider offers 24/7 solution call center you can call them in a late night to check is it available or not. See how they give you a services and information. Many of them advertised the service of 24 hours is available but actually not.

3. The way of contacts provided for customer
The good hosting provider should have support channels enough in order to help customers when the problem occurred at any time and quickly from a specialist via base telephone, mobile phone and E-mail. Some providers has a really great service but there’s only E-mail contact available so this mean you have to wait a solution from this way of contact only while you are really serious with the problem.

4. Do not pay in advance as a yearly rental contract
Registering for 1 year contract has a benefit by pay less than a form of 3 month or monthly contract but you may be in risky if the hosting provider you paid is closed down the company before your contract end. Or you get a bad service throughout the contract period. So before you pay for the server space renting it’s better to have a try to take a service first. You may rent them for 1 – 2 months for making a test after when you sure with the service you can sign for a yearly contract later.

5. Checking for the provider status
You may look from how they run the business company whether their company registered or not. If the company has registered as a commercial regally this can convince you that their company is established for the services you are looking for. However, there’s no one can guarantee you that the registered company will always give you a quality of service so you should consider from the available services for sure first before you think about other factors in a final consideration.

6. Money back guaranty
In this case you may get a refund if you are not satisfied with the service from provider, Look for this option before you pay them.

7. Price can not guaranty for the quality of service
The expensive price in adverting for hosting are not always give you a good quality and service, and in the high competition of hosting market there are still some have the cheaper and high quality. But anyway, try to compare with other and see what are different option, guaranty and the service available.

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