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How much you really need

for web space and bandwidth in your website?

Today many people pay for web space cost by without knowing the exactly amount of it used of bandwidth.

Web space for website

Web space for website
There is only a few number of website left today that still use a form of HTML language. Most of the website builders today preferred to use the content management system “CMS” for example, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, etc. Wordpress is suitable for a beginner and Drupal is suitable for an advanced user. The system is required space between 5 – 15MB depend on the module installation. 20 kb is also needed for a new page created, by this page size needed you can host it for 1,000 pages within 20MB of disk space. How much the space is needed for your website is depends on what the content and the presentation you want to show in a page such as, image, sound, video and the space of email account.

Disk space for image storage

It's depended on the number of image you use in a website, storing the large image size over 1024 x 768 with a general internet connection is seem unnecessary for your disk space cost. The average of image size should be 1024 x 768 that mean used for 100kb – 150kb. So the space is needed for this storage 1MB for 6-7 images. Another optional choice that you can do is try to make your CMS website use less space by storing your images in a public hosting provider such as, Flickr or Picasa.
Disk space for image storage

Using Gmail for your email server and save it on hosting space

Using Gmail for your email server and save it on hosting space
Google allow you use your domain name by setting up gmail in order to use it as an email server for receiving with a rescued and simply account management.

Disk space for sound and video storage

Not many the small and medium size of website will pay more for the space to store video or sound file. But they can get a free public hosting provider such as, Youtube or Blip.tv.
Disk space for sound and video storage

Disk space for monthly bandwidth

The requirement of bandwidth is one of the most important for your website basically. In general a CSM web page size is between 100 – 150 kb so if you figure out that 10,000 pages will be visited every month or 300 pages per day then your website will be needed for 2GB bandwidth per month. If you use a hosting provider from the region of Europe for your media content so you don't need to worry about bandwidth usage.

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