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Beyond the SEO

SEO bring you more than just a technique


In every minute that you spend for reading this article there are a lot of thousand millions people are looking on computer screen and searching information through search engines. Is there any usefulness if no one visits to your website or cannot find it in search engine. When the website owners use the SEO techniques after they can see a huge of actual benefit they get from them. So this article will show you some of SEO benefits and expand your idea about it.

1. Get more new customer with less paying

You only pay the service charge of SEO in one time and if your website has set the system of SEO in a right way then the people has more chances to get customer from a visitor by without pay more. In the same time the other may spend a lot of money each month for advertising sponsored links such as Google, Yahoo, MSN or buying advertising banner in popular websites.

2. Stable expense

The expense of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is quite stable price which sometime its first entrance fee may expensive but after it will be a process of management and keeping ranking in a good position in search engines. However, the service fee may decrease but for Paid-Search advertising may change all the time.
Search Engine Optimization

3. Brand image labeling

If your product or company has already own website when the customer try to search your website but they see your competitor’s website in stead, how can you estimate that loss to your business. Even sometimes found that when we are searching a website by a keyword related our website it possible that we will see a website that show a comments or message that defame to our website or the product related to your business. This may come from your customer who misunderstand with your service or make up a rumor intently. However, if your website is reaching to search engine ranking your brand will be appeared to a lot of people eyes and for sure your brand will be well known also. If any website that is not appeared in a first page want to be seen in a first page they may pay for PPC advertising which is quite expensive if a keyword has the highest competition.

4. build your website standard

For making SEO it need to access inside to edit and manage website structure that essential to SEO and a benefits come after will set more website standard to your site and users.
Search Engine Optimization

5. Get more new customer

The searching is generated from user desire so most of the visitors that come from search engine will has their own interesting in product and service and if our website show a content that match to their need so these visitors can change into your customer if they like in what you offer.

6. create your own story or content in a website

It is accepted that the quality of content and the original one are the most important for SEO. Naturally the good information within a network (World Wide Web) is attractive for connecting link from the quality website. By this reason it can be explained that why the content has the most importance.
Search Engine Optimization

7. stimulating for repeat business

Most of the customers who come from search engine usually use a service from your website in a longer period. This mean we can have more customers in your website by making SEO

8. SEO never sleep

SEO is similar to your private advertising company by working for you uptime 24 per day 7 days per week and 365 days per year. If your website has set a good SEO stayed in a top ranking on search engine then it look like working all the time by never stop or never sleep which could be said the best advertising for you.
Search Engine Optimization

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